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The perfect all-in-one solution that drives direct bookings

Stop using an endless string of tools, when you could be using one that does it all!


78% of travellers book their holidays online.

Don't miss out!

Add a booking engine on your website. It is man-da-to-ry.
Overbookings cannot happen. Synchronise all your calendars.
Your website is the first impression the traveller will have of you. You’re a professional. Let it show.
The key to success is knowing the ins and outs of your property. Be efficient, get a PMS.
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Your website is how a traveller judges your property. It’s up to you to make a good impression

Your website should be both attractive and convenient. You, better than anyone, know than buying a product online has nothing to do with booking a stay at a hotel.

Amenitiz’ mobile friendly websites are built by hospitality experts that know how to tailor them to the type of travellers you’re targetting.

Increase your direct bookings and finally gain independence from third party channels

Benefit from a fully integrated booking engine: no popups, no redirections. Allow travellers to book directly with you, without ever having to leave your website.

Sync all your calendars and protect yourself from overbookings

With a 120 OTAs available, distribute your property everywhere. Avoid stressful overbookings, our channel manager syncs all your bookings in real-time.

Your dream PMS: super detailed, yet super user friendly

Sick of using a software that looks like it was made in the 90’s? Amenitiz’ super attractive PMS is there for you! Enjoy a crystal clear calendar view of everything that’s happening at your property.

The thing our hotels love the most? The level of detail of our reports and how easy it is to export them for accounting!

And the best part, our incredible support team!

Super quick to answer, and with a smile

We have a team dedicated to each country so that you’re always talking to a native speaker.

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