All hotel owners as well as accommodation owners in general, whether that be holiday cottages or B&Bs, are on the lookout for techniques to push travellers to reserve directly on their websites instead of through platforms such as, Expedia, etc.

And fortunately, there are some very simple strategies that can be put in place to bypass OTA bookings!

We’ll tell you more:


Offer a better price or a reward if the traveller reserves through your site:

Whatever the purchase, any client loves a bargain or a customer reward. We can’t ignore the fact that this is how became so successful! The best deals, the best offers, the best prices, etc. However, this is no longer the case these days as you too can apply more favourable prices directly on your site.

Offering a lower price on your site’s booking engine will of course encourage travellers to book directly. But to really push them to click ‘book now’, let them know that they can get a better price with you as soon as they visit your home page!

Think CON-VER-SION! A traveller doesn’t have a lot of time, so including a booking window with an eye-catching message will sway them towards booking with you straight away:


Be creative, offer interesting deals:

A price reduction is great but a tempting offer is better 🙂 . We’re not telling you to lower your prices at all costs, far from it! On the contrary, you should be attentive and always offer prices in keeping with the quality and reputation of your establishment.

Many online platforms will encourage you to lower your prices, telling you that you need to offer more competitive rates. Aiming low never helped anyone and it is not always through significantly lowering your rates that you’ll get more reservations.

But what makes a ‘tempting offer’? A tempting offer is something that would truly excite a traveller, for instance, they can’t get enough of themed deals. For example: ‘A romantic mini-break in the heart of Devon’ or even ‘A week-long mindfulness and relaxation retreat’.

Great, so once you’ve decided on a catchy title, now comes the time to decide what you’re offering.  It’s always a good choice to offer activities that fit in with your establishment, its environment and its unique selling points. For example if you’ve got a hotel by the sea, why not offer a surf school package with body boarding or swimming lessons for the kids, fun for everyone!

Say you own a holiday cottage in the countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery? Travellers come to you to relax and get away from it all. So why not allow them to fully take a break from their day-to-day!

Or you’ve got a B&B with mainly business clients off-season? Offer deals that fit in with the clientele; stop them going through Expedia to collect their points. Why not create your own rewards scheme for your establishment!


How to set up the pricing and offers for your hotel, holiday homes or B&B?

We’re all agreed on this one, doing it by hand is practically impossible. Or in the very least quite tricky and the aim is in no way to make life more difficult for yourself. Here’s where Amenitiz’s software comes in, it allows you to offer all of these deals and holiday packages automatically and upload them to your site in just a few clicks. All whilst updating your availability on the distribution sites you’re connected to, all thanks to its channel manager!

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