July has been yet another very productive month for the Amenitiz Tech team, while all our friends were posting pictures of amazing beaches and barbecue parties, we were at the office, on our never-ending quest to make every hotel website beautiful. We have a lot of new features for you this month, but also a great improvement in the speed of your hotel’s website brought to you directly by our CTO.


New features

1. Video block and video cover

Let’s dive right in with one of our most requested features since we have launched Amenitiz

Video cover Amenitiz


If you have a great video and want to use it as a cover, then just head to the cover section and enter your Youtube id, voila, your cover is now a beautiful Video.

If on the other hand, you are more interested in showing your content in a new block, well just head to add a block and select the video block! As always, we tried to make it as easy as possible for you !


2. New apps in our Apps section

If you have never been to our Apps section yet, you are in for a treat, it is where we add a lot of new goodies which can be activated or not based on your needs! here is what’s new this month in our app section !


If you are not familiar with what recaptcha is, it’s a technology developed by Google to help you fend off spammers and nasty bots from your pages, it looks like that :


If you have received unwanted emails from spammers, it is time to activate it from the Apps and you should be free of that nuisance !

Cookie banner

Have you ever wanted to show off how compliant you were with the law, does fighting evil keeps you up at night? With the click of a button you can now activate a cookie banner on your website, telling your soon-to-be guest that your website (like 99% of all others) operates using cookies.


3. Animated blocks

Also one of our most requested feature, you can now animate the entrance of each of your blocks as your visitors scroll, these options can all be activated or deactivated on each block and you can even select different animations for each block separately.


4. Two new date selector

While we are on the subject of blocks and in the spirit of always helping you follow the latest trends we have designed two new blocks to help your guest pick the dates when they wish to come to your property

Transparent over the cover

Date & month picker


5. Changeable URL

For those of you who are obsessed with SEO, and those who want to their property this little extra boost on google, you can now completely change each page URL in every language of your site, and you can even do it on for your room.

If you don’t know how important this could be for you here is a little article explaining everything !


Overall Improvements

Your website has just got a lot faster !

Fred, our CTO has spent most of his month improving the speed of our clients website and we are very happy to report that page now loads twice as fast as they used to, this is a real improvement ! But Fred has plenty of tricks up his sleeves and has already found ways to make your websites even faster in the futures.


Pay by direct debit

Amenitiz now supports payments via direct Debit as well as credit card, If you want to make sure you never lose access to your website because your credit card is not valid anymore then you can switch to direct debit with the peace of mind that your website will always be live !

That’s it for the month of July, as you can see our tech team hasn’t rested much (not that we planned to do it in the near future either), keep an eye open during the most of august as major changes are coming the product in terms of design!

See you next month !