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Booking engine

User experience

A fully integrated website, from start to finish

Our booking engine has been designed to be completely streamlined with your website (unlike those nasty, off-site booking engines which redirect your customers to another page).

We have also worked with conversion specialists to make sure that your on-site booking engine will convert more customers than ever before! Did we mention you can also sell all your extras directly from the website. It’s time to upsell those rooms!

100% Commission Free

At Amenitiz we don’t believe in commissions
or hidden fees

Own your data

Your customers, your data

We know how frustrating it can be when OTAs withold your guests data, preventing you from being able to contact them in the future. At Amenitiz, we believe that this data is one of your most valuable assets, which is why you will always have it in your hands, allowing you to reach out to your guests whenever you please.


Easily manage all your bookings

Amenitiz is entirely dedicated to the hotel industry, and all our tools have been specifically designed with hotel professionals in mind

You can manage all your rooms and prices based on days of the week and your own restrictions.You can also easily create extras, which will be offered to your guest during the booking process, they can be limited to only certains rooms or even periods.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pay only for what you really need




Per month




Per year