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This is why, at Amenitiz, we are committed to playing a major role in tomorrow's travel industry and have decided to offset our entire carbon footprint as well as part of our customers.

Defining our climate strategy

The first step of this environmental journey has been to determine our environmental strategy. It is built on 3 pillars:


Limit the impact of our business during our growth


Involve our clients in this approach


Contribute to projects in order to become carbon neutral

Limit the impact of our business during our growth

To comply with our first pillar, the first thing we did was calculate our carbon footprint in order to know the amount of CO₂ produced by our company as well as our customers using our software. To do so, we partnered with climate change advisor company Magelan Tech

If you wish to know more about our approach, read our dedicated article

  • 5%
    Air conditioner (leaks)
  • 12%
  • 12%
    IT equipment
  • 3%
    Furniture & Appliances
  • 4%
    Office Rental
  • 10%
  • 5%
  • 35%
    Clients websites
  • 9%
    Amenitiz Platform
  • 4%
    Internet Services

As you can see, our carbon footprint is estimated from the data we collected on our consumption of energy, food and beverages, office supplies, as well as the number of pages viewed from our websites, software and from our clients’ website, along with information on business travel and employees habits.

Based on this first estimation, we produce 23.71 tons of CO₂ per year! Our carbon footprint is fairly low as we don’t travel for business and for now, only finance necessary expenses, which is why our current goal is not to reduce our carbon footprint but rather to make sure we maintain it low.

Our second pillar is to involve our clients in this approach

The second step of this project has been to raise awareness among Amenitiz’ employees as well as clients and find challenging leads to reduce our impact on the planet. In partnership with Magelan Tech, we will organise a workshop with Amenitiz team in order to share insights and good practices with the rest of the team.

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We estimated our clients’ carbon footprint by interviewing hoteliers, property owners and b&bs owners and will provide them with a recommendation guide based on their feedback and data analysis before the end of the year.

At Amenitiz, our goal is to become the first all-in-one hospitality platform to strive for carbon neutrality, and encourage others to follow this path. Being carbon neutral means that we would compensate for our carbon emissions by supporting projects that fight climate change, at no extra cost to our clients.

To offset our carbon emissions!

Raising awareness within our employees and following our objectives is not enough to compensate for our total carbon emissions, which leads us to our 3rd pillar: supporting negative carbon emissions projects!

Our objective is to support impactful projects, capable of offsetting our carbon footprint right now! We are looking for impactful projects from ClimateSeed, Pachama and Purproject. If you find an interesting project you think would be a good fit for us, we would love to have your ideas

Amenitiz rewards you for your green impact!

If you share our vision and are running a property with a tangible positive impact on our planet or your community we'd like to help. Our help can range from 10% lifetime discount if you are certified by an eco-label to 100% for NGOs and other non-profits.

Let's do it together

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