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Optimized for SEO

Get noticed

Responsive websites to help you get a better ranking on Google

All websites created on Amenitiz are responsive by default, they perfectly adapt to all screen sizes: computer, tablet, phone ...

Since April 2015, Google penalizes sites which design are not responsive, greatly affecting their rankings on search-engines.

Creating your site on Amenitiz allows you to get a head start over your competitors because our website have been optimized to match Google's SEO rules.

Boost your ranking

Integrated optimization software.

The Amenitiz platform includes a software allowing you to manage the SEO of your website.

You can easily manage your "meta description" and your "meta title" . This is simply the title and small description that appear in Google searches and will greatly improve your positioning on Google. You no longer need Agencies or Tech wizards, you can do it all on your own!

Get more visitors

Code optimized for SEO

The code of websites created with Amenitiz closely follows the SEO rules dictated by Google and other search engines. They are also optimized for a better loading speed, another parameter that heavily weights in your search engines ranking.


Analyze the journey of your customers

Want to know how many visits you have been getting? See which pages your users are most interested in? With Amenitiz, you can enter your Google Analytics code or Facebook Pixel to have real-time access to what's happening on your site but also create ads on Facebook!