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Website Builder

Conversion optimized

Upgrade your website to one that converts

52% of potential guest who found you on OTAs will go to your website to check-it out. If despite this, the majority of your bookings do not come from your own website, it's time to change!

Amenitiz technology lets you easily create a website designed by conversion specialists. Thanks to the structure of your new site, turn these 52% into direct bookings!

Mobile Optimized

Fully responsive design

All websites created with Amenitiz perfectly adapt to mobile phones as well as tablets and computers. Each website is perfectly "responsive" because it adapts perfectly to all screens.

Google is very harsh with websites that are not mobile-friendly design. So beyond just increasing your direct bookings, this will also ensures you get a better ranking on the search engines. Don't wait any longer, start making a difference!

Simple & Intuitive

No web-wizards needed here

Want to know the best part? You can do everything yourself—long gone are the days when you had to wait around for your developers to update something on your website or fix a bug. With Amenitiz you are in control and can edit your content anytime, from anywhere! Say hello to freedom!

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pay only for what you really need




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